Online youth dialogue, Carrie James et al., JODML summer 2016

Getting Into the Fray: Civic Youth, Online Dialogue, and Implications for Digital Literacy Education

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The data here offers insights into the online models of good dialogue youth aspire to, the moves and tactics they adopt, and the supports (or lack thereof) at their disposal.

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An Interview with Rawan Damen of Palestine Remix

JODML-article-icon-purple-35An interview with Rawan Damen, project manager of Al Jazeera’s Palestine Remix project, discussing the use of remix in political and historical storytelling, as well the ethical and technical challenges involved.

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Discussion of lesson plans by high school English teacher, Kansas City, JODML 2016

Praxis in Practice: Collaboratively Building Resources to Teach and Learn about Everyday Racism

JODML-article-icon-purple-35An examination of educators’ use of the web resource By Any Media Necessary, a tool to help students master skills and competencies necessary for effectively harnessing digital media and participatory politics.

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Tani Ikeda and imMEDIAte Justice

JODML-article-icon-purple-35An interview with Tani Ikeda, Co-Founder and Executive Director of imMEDIAte Justice (IMJ), a Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization that teaches high school girls filmmaking with a feminist lens.

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Logo of the Harry Potter Alliance

The Harry Potter Alliance

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The Harry Potter Alliance, an international non-profit whose mission is to turn fans into heroes, highlights the importance of stories and storytelling to drive “fan activism.”

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Bill Gates participates in the 2014 ALS ice bucket challenge

Altruism Meets Participatory Video: A Correlational Study of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Digital literacy and social benefits met in the form of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in August 2014. This study assessed the experience of participants in the challenge to understand the relationships between altruism, motivation to participate, and digital literacy.

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A virtual artwork covering the surface of the whole earth: - sndrv

A Design Framework of Interactive Media

JODML-article-icon-purple-35This paper outlines common themes within the design of digital media tools, with the goal of offering students a more critical lens with which to engage as they go about employing these media in a variety of contexts, and of offering scholars a simplified, design-based framework for furthering research and theory.

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