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Online youth dialogue, Carrie James et al., JODML summer 2016

Getting Into the Fray: Civic Youth, Online Dialogue, and Implications for Digital Literacy Education

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The data here offers insights into the online models of good dialogue youth aspire to, the moves and tactics they adopt, and the supports (or lack thereof) at their disposal.

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Bill Gates participates in the 2014 ALS ice bucket challenge

Altruism Meets Participatory Video: A Correlational Study of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Digital literacy and social benefits met in the form of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in August 2014. This study assessed the experience of participants in the challenge to understand the relationships between altruism, motivation to participate, and digital literacy.

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A virtual artwork covering the surface of the whole earth: - sndrv

A Design Framework of Interactive Media

JODML-article-icon-purple-35This paper outlines common themes within the design of digital media tools, with the goal of offering students a more critical lens with which to engage as they go about employing these media in a variety of contexts, and of offering scholars a simplified, design-based framework for furthering research and theory.

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Map of net gain or loss, zoomed into the street level. The green circles represent the amount of money spent on lottery tickets at individual retail stores. The purple circles represent the amount of money won from lottery tickets at the same stores.

City Digits: Local Lotto: Developing Youth Data Literacy by Investigating the Lottery

JODML-article-icon-purple-35This paper illustrates how City Digits: Local Lotto, a high school curriculum and supporting web application, supported students in building data literacy. Local Lotto included opportunities for qualitative data collection and quantitative analysis, enabling youth to develop data-informed arguments about the lottery’s impact on local communities.

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Super Tuesday: Spring Data - Number of Students Who Interacted with Politics by Time Block

The Push and Pull of Politics: How Media Literacy Students Sign Up For, Stumble Upon, and Seek Out News at Election Time

JODML-article-icon-purple-35This exploratory study examined how United States students in a media literacy course at a major mid-Atlantic university accessed political news during the height of the 2012 primary and general election season.

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"Reddit sticker" by Eva Blue is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / cropped from original

Passionate Affinity Spaces on Learning Practices in the Gluten-free Subreddit

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The popular discussion forum is comprised of thousands of smaller forums called Subreddits in which users who share a common interest can exchange information. This paper describes the literacy practices of one such Subreddit related to gluten-free living. This Subreddit has the characteristics of a passionate affinity space, an informal learning space in which all users—from the novice lurker to the seasoned contributor—can both garner and contribute knowledge.

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Figure 2 Thumbnail of “Student Debt at Colleges and Universities Across the Nation” from The New York Times

Use Patterns of Interactive Graphics: A Case Study of a New York Times’ College Debt Graphic

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Increasing interactivity on the web has changed how individuals experience and gather information. This study provides an exploratory look at how users navigate interactive data visualizations popularized on news websites. Following media priming theory, a randomized experiment (N = 22) was employed to identify use patterns of individuals primed with the accompanying text news story. The frequency and number of mouse movements and clicks provided a rich data set for this initial case study.

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