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From Voice to Influence: An Introduction

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The articles in this edition examine how in- and out-of-school experiences can help young people learn to use their voices to influence social change. We see these concerns as central to what it means to foster digital citizenship and media literacy in the twenty-first century.

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From Youth Voice to Young Entrepreneurs: The Individualization of Digital Media and Learning

JODML-article-icon-purple-35This article explores and contrasts the distinct “voice” versus “entrepreneurial” discourse in digital and media literacy education.

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Civic-Centered Design Classroom, S. Craig Watkins, JODML summer 2016

The Civic-Centered Design Classroom: Pathways to New Civic Futures and Youth Voice

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Not all forms of digital media participation are equal. The media practices of black and Hispanic teens are influenced by race/ethnicity, class, and schooling.

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GAP project, Costanza-Chock et al., JODML summer 2016

Media in Action: A Field Scan of Media & Youth Organizing in the United States

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Based on a research with national organizers, this article explores the “transformative media organizing” approach for youth participants and their communities.

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Gordon-Mihailidis-Figure-2. Usability Framework. Strategy for producing usable knowledge in the context of civic media

How Is That Useful Exactly? Civic Media and the Usability of Knowledge in Liberal Arts Education

JODML-article-icon-purple-35How has digital culture motivated colleges and universities to shift the way knowledge gets applied (and to whom) and transformed how they understand their responsibility to educate?

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Educating Youth for Online Civic and Political Dialogue: A Conceptual Framework for the Digital Age

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Based on high school teachers’ work on a participatory academic platform, this paper provides a conceptual framework for educators in the digital age.

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Freeway High School cinematic arts project, Lombana-Bermudez, JODML summer 2016

Promises and Challenges of After-school Programs in the Digital Age: The Case of the Cinematic Arts Project and Latino/Hispanic Youth in Austin, Texas

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Drawing on ethnographic research with minority youth in Austin, TX, this paper provides a grounded analysis of the limitations and opportunities in after-school, cinematic arts programs.

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School and community partnerships, Kiley-Larson et al., JODML summer 2016

Connecting Schoolwork to Communities: Youth Voice, Civic Engagement, and Digital Literacy

JODML-article-icon-purple-35This case study illustrates the success and struggles of educators are they work to spark youth interest in civic engagement and classroom-based learning.

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