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Passionate Affinity Spaces on Reddit.com: Learning Practices in the Gluten-free Subreddit

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The popular discussion forum Reddit.com is comprised of thousands of smaller forums called Subreddits in which users who share a common interest can exchange information. This paper describes the literacy practices of one such Subreddit related to gluten-free living. This Subreddit has the characteristics of a passionate affinity space, an informal learning space in which all users—from the novice lurker to the seasoned contributor—can both garner and contribute knowledge.

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Figure 2 Thumbnail of “Student Debt at Colleges and Universities Across the Nation” from The New York Times

Use Patterns of Interactive Graphics: A Case Study of a New York Times’ College Debt Graphic

JODML-article-icon-purple-35Increasing interactivity on the web has changed how individuals experience and gather information. This study provides an exploratory look at how users navigate interactive data visualizations popularized on news websites. Following media priming theory, a randomized experiment (N = 22) was employed to identify use patterns of individuals primed with the accompanying text news story. The frequency and number of mouse movements and clicks provided a rich data set for this initial case study.

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News Literacy: Learning About the World

JODML-article-icon-purple-35The present research aims at mapping the field of news literacy and emphasizes the need to shift focus from the digital divide to the social skills people need to become well-informed citizens in the 21st century. The article stresses the need for news literacy education and suggests strategies for teachers and parents for applying and promoting news literacy in current and future audiences. Furthermore it highlights the outcomes that news literacy can have and also the meaning of these outcomes in the life of individuals.

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Students in the MAP Lab at the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California.

Playing With Engagement: Reality Ends Here

JODML-article-icon-purple-35With regard to curriculum, it is no longer sufficient to specialize only in directing, screenwriting, or game design. Instead, our students now require the ability to understand the methods and processes of diverse kinds of media production and an increasing convergence of media forms. We needed a means to address this problem and a way to encourage our students to engage with each other and to collaborate.

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"Needle in a Haystack" by Amy is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / increased contrast from original

Needle in a Haystack: Digital Literacy in the Age of Infinite Information

JODML-article-icon-purple-35We can access more information each day than was ever available to our predecessors throughout human history. We all know that. But what of the quality of that information? A needle in a haystack analogy is often used in connection with accessing online information. I’ll pose the question this way: If finding a needle in a haystack is daunting, how about finding a useful needle among a million haystacks full of assorted debris? For educators and for all of us, there is good news and bad news.

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Google Docs and Hapara: Digital Tool Review

America has been a nation of poor writers for as long as I can remember. Employers constantly hear complaints that even college graduates have weak writing and critical thinking skills. One of the reasons for this weakness is because teaching writing is difficult and time-consuming.

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